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Yves' Chysis limminghei (linden & rchb.f.1858)KEW

Discussion in 'Orchid Species' started by Yves, Apr 22, 2011.

  1. Yves

    Yves New Member

    Habitat Panama - Venezuela - Colombia.
    Grows intermedita to warm,bast with well draining medium(medium bark & cork pieces).
    Humidity troughout the year 75 - 80%.
    Plenty of water during growing,fertilizer 1/2 of quantity,every week
    Rest period autumn - winter,keep cooler and dryer.
    Light fragrant(pleasant)
    I grow this one as Lycaste,after leafdrop,on the dry site,until new growth appaers in inflorescences.

    More culture info:www.orchidculture.com

    Chysis limminghei 063.jpg Chysis  limminghei 3 012.jpg Chysis limminghei 043.jpg
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  2. Gorgeous Chysis limminghei...great color combination
    The flower's 'face' looks like a majestic Sting Ray
  3. Very nice, Yves.

    BTW, I moved your pictures to their own topic. I believe you inadvertently posted them in Marni's Dendrobium topic.