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Where my orchids grow--two tree trunks and an oasis.

Discussion in 'Growing Areas' started by gjanick, Aug 9, 2022.

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    One week ago I only had two NOID dendrobium plants that my neighbor gave me a long time ago. Well, now I guess that I am in the orchid raising business again! I have acquired 13 new plants this past 2 weeks buying online on Shopee (like a Thai Amazon).

    The plants are all put in their two new homes and I think I did a nice job designing their habitat. They are located in a great growing environment and well protected from the intense daytime sun here in Chiang Mai. That combined with our area's high humidity and sub-tropical climate, I think my orchids will do quite well. I call the one area with the sun screen and hanging pots an 'oasis' because it kind of resembles a small desert oasis with greenery popping up out of nowhere.
    IMG_20220801_101106.jpg IMG_20220808_104149.jpg IMG_20220722_170624.jpg IMG_20220718_082625.jpg

    Feel free to send me comments and/or suggestions. Thanks.
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