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What fixes a really crappy day?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Kipper, Oct 4, 2016.

  1. Kipper

    Kipper CoffeeCoffeeCoffee... Supporting Member

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    Ft. Worth, Texas
    Am I the only one on the forum that can have a really crappy day, come home, pissed, hurt discouraged, walk out into the greenhouse, shut the door and shut your eyes and take a HUGE, deep breath and immediately be transformed. The smell, the feel, everything just melts away. You open your eyes and begin to inspect the same plants that you looked at this morning, BUT!, The Phal. pulcherima that you have had for two and a half years, that has done nothing, not good or bad, all of a sudden has a 3/4 inch spike! It's pretty amazing to me that a fraction of a gram of plant material can make such a difference in my perspective. i do believe that raising orchids can make a positive difference in your life. Maybe someone should start 'orchid therapy'....
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  2. DPfarr

    DPfarr Well-Known Member

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    Sacramento, CA
    Often times I walk into the greenhouses and see the tremendous amount of work only to feel all my optimism, hope and motivation drain from me.

    People who have jobs they love may not work a day in their lives. I don't for one second believe those who say this know that there are people who grow orchids for a living because this seems like every single day.