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Wanna trade?

Discussion in 'For Trade/Sale' started by JonP, Jul 6, 2009.

  1. JonP

    JonP all that Supporting Member

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    I'm getting to have alot of duplicates and would like to see if anyone would like to make some trades. Here's what I have to offer;

    1. Aerangis cristata - mount from Andy's. It actually has a spike just starting. SPOKEN FOR

    2. Aerangis mystacidii - Mount from Troy Meyers, has bloomed previously SPOKEN FOR

    3. Brassavola cucullata - small mounted seedling SPOKEN FOR

    4. B. George Tyler (flagellaris X cucullata) Twig mounted, lots of roots. Has some heat damage. Probably will bloom later this year. Has bloomed before.

    5. Ceratostylis rubra - I have two seedlings one is close to blooming size.

    6. Bl Richard Mueller X L. aurea - mount, has some heat damage. has bloomed.

    7. Lc. Schilleriana (C. intermedia X L. purpurata) - has bloomed. A little beat up from growing it outside.

    I have alot of seedling too from flasks that are well established;

    2 X Enc. phoenicea SPOKEN FOR

    2 X C. bowringiana

    Enc. brassavolae - I have two compots with about 10 good sized seedling in each and I have a few seedling established on small mounts

    D. kingianum 'Betty' X self - I have a bunch of these. A few are on mounts. all are blooming size or close to it

    I also have an extra A. luteo alba v. rhodostricta SPOKEN FOR somewhere and a B. perrinii and some other stuff I might be able to find if I clear out some room.

    Send me a PM and let's do some bizness!