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Variations in Neofinetia fragrance

Discussion in 'Everything Else Orchid' started by Uluwehi, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. Uluwehi

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    Neofinetia have been coming into bloom since a month ago. They emit my favourite floral fragrance, (that says a lot as I am normally loath to pick favourites of anything). :)

    Over the years I have noticed interesting variations in fragrance between clones of the species. The 'standard' whites such as 'Amami Island White' and 'Goj┼Ź Fukurin' have what I would call a 'clean' scent and yellows such as 'Kibana Fuuran' have a more 'fruity' scent. Tonight I noticed for the first time that 'Amami Akabana' also has a different scent, it is more 'buttery'.

    Have any of you Fuuran lovers also noticed these differences in fragrance?

    I haven't managed pictures of this years' Neofinetia blooms yet but here are last years' 'Amami Akabana':
    2229461440_ae763117d0_b.jpg 2229448478_4e8a4f03c9_b.jpg