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Unusual Species for sale

Discussion in 'For Trade/Sale' started by Chris.c147, Mar 5, 2018.

  1. Chris.c147

    Chris.c147 Well-Known Member

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    I have the following for sale! Please PM me for pricing and pictures/any additional information.

    Maxillaria scalariformis- BS in 4 inch pot
    Polystachya dendrobiflora- BS in 4 inch pot
    Polystachya piersii- BS in 4 inch pot
    Polystachya longiscapa-BS in 6 inch pot
    Polystachya galeata- Mounted BS
    Polystachya rhodocheila- BS in 4 inch pot
    Dendrobium sulphureum- Mounted BS
    Bulbophyllum uniflorum var. sociale- BS 8 inch pot
    Dendrobium brassii- Seedlings out of compot
    Thelasis pygmaea- Mounted BS
    Pleurothallis pectinata- NBS in 4 inch wooden basket
    Dendrobium speciosum var. curvicaule- BS 8 inch pot
    Epidendrum horichii- BS 8 inch pot
    Arpophyllum gigantea- BS 6 inch pot
    Cymbidium Sharon osoto (hybrid)- BS 6 inch pot
    Lankesterella ceracifolia- Mounted BS
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  2. leo

    leo African orchids only :-)

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    I‘d get all of your Polystachyas if there wasn‘t an ocean in between.