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TSA patdowns

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Jon, Nov 18, 2010.

  1. abaxter

    abaxter New Member

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    6B Southeast KY
    I wanna know what happened to Jon when he went through security. Just as an aside, I hated taking my boots off the last time
    I flew. Gave me the heebiejeebie thinking about all the other unsecured and unclean feet that had passed over that area. Also,
    very tight jeans and boots couldn't possibly hide much, don't ya
  2. Candace

    Candace Kept Woman Supporting Member

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    South of Sacramento
    I feel bad for both sides. On one hand I don't want to have my ovaries shrunk to the size of peas by the radiation, and yet, I shudder to think what can be hiding in the multiple rolls of fat most American's carry about them. I wouldn't want to be the one searching all those crevices. No sir.
  3. Jon

    Jon Mmmm... bulbophyllum...

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    Denver CO, USA
    They were sending all passengers through the backscatter machine when I flew back to Denver yesterday. My concerns over the radiation from the machines has waned. I've read numerous articles that the radiation is less than I'm exposed to while sitting on the plane. Meh. I have bigger things to worry about.