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Tridactyle bicaudata subsp. bicaudata

Discussion in 'Orchid Species' started by Uluwehi, Mar 21, 2013.

  1. Uluwehi

    Uluwehi angraecoids, dendrobiums and more Supporting Member

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    This wonderful angraecoid orchid has been in bloom for a month now and I've been enjoying its intricate flowers. They open greenish and then age to ochre. The fragrance is not unpleasant but not as desirable as that of T. tricuspis. Subsepcies bicaudata has lax leaves and a pendent growth habit.

    It's apparently one of the most common angraecoids in Africa with an extensive range of native countries and altitudes and yet is extremely rare in cultivation in North America.

    Tridactyle needs more taxonomic attention. A friend of mine worked on the molecular study of the genus but wasn't able to get enough material for the genus to publish a complete treatment. She did find evidence that shed new light on some of the species, for example that T. tricuspis itself comprises at least three species! Hopefully she'll get her results published someday.

    I'll add more pictures when I find time to process more images.

    I've tried selfing this plant to no avail. If anyone who grows bicaudata would like to send pollen I would be happy to share resulting seed with her or him. I still have a dozen flowers open.

    There are so many worthy species in this genus that deserve to be cultivated.

  2. Marni

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    Santa Rosa, CA
    There is something there that reminds me of Santa's helpers.:confused:
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