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To kick this forum off with a bang...

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by Chris, Nov 11, 2008.

  1. Jon

    Jon Mmmm... bulbophyllum...

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    Denver CO, USA
    A. Duh.

    BTW - Over on the right side, there is a button that looks like this --> [​IMG]. Click that on every post you want to quote, and then hit reply. It's a "multi-quote" feature that allows you to quote more than one comment at a time. :cool:
  2. Chris

    Chris New Member

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    Austin, TX
    Okeydokey, how about an update:

    Bulbophyllum andreeae
    Bulbophyllum anguliferum
    Bulbophyllum apertum
    Bulbophyllum arachnoides
    Bulbophyllum ascochilum
    Bulbophyllum aureobrunneum
    Bulbophyllum auriculatum
    Bulbophyllum betchei
    Bulbophyllum botryophorum
    Bulbophyllum brevilabium
    Bulbophyllum cadetioides
    Bulbophyllum calceolus
    Bulbophyllum callichroma
    Bulbophyllum caloglossum
    Bulbophyllum calviventer
    Bulbophyllum caputgnomonis
    Bulbophyllum catenarium
    Bulbophyllum chimaera
    Bulbophyllum cimicinum
    Bulbophyllum codonanthum
    Bulbophyllum coelochilum
    Bulbophyllum collinum
    Bulbophyllum coloratum
    Bulbophyllum crepidiferum
    Bulbophyllum cymbochilum
    Bulbophyllum denophyllum
    Bulbophyllum deviantiae
    Bulbophyllum dichaeoides
    Bulbophyllum dichilus
    Bulbophyllum dictyoneuron
    Bulbophyllum ellipticifolium
    Bulbophyllum entobaptum
    Bulbophyllum falciferum
    Bulbophyllum geniculiferum
    Bulbophyllum hamadryas
    Bulbophyllum hemisterranthum
    Bulbophyllum hodgsonii
    Bulbophyllum howcroftii
    Bulbophyllum jadunae
    Bulbophyllum lambii
    Bulbophyllum leniae
    Bulbophyllum lineolatum
    Bulbophyllum lohokii
    Bulbophyllum longilabre/longilabris
    Bulbophyllum lorentzianum
    Bulbophyllum macneiceae
    Bulbophyllum macrorhopalon
    Bulbophyllum masonii
    Bulbophyllum microrhombos
    Bulbophyllum minutulum
    Bulbophyllum mystax
    Bulbophyllum nasica
    Bulbophyllum odontostigma
    Bulbophyllum origami
    Bulbophyllum patella
    Bulbophyllum peltopus
    Bulbophyllum potamophilum
    Bulbophyllum pseudotrias
    Bulbophyllum ptychantyx
    Bulbophyllum puntjakense
    Bulbophyllum pyroglossum
    Bulbophyllum quadrangulare
    Bulbophyllum restrepia
    Bulbophyllum rhodoleucum
    Bulbophyllum rhodostictum
    Bulbophyllum scabrum
    Bulbophyllum scotinochiton
    Bulbophyllum scrobiculabre
    Bulbophyllum similissimum
    Bulbophyllum spodotriche
    Bulbophyllum spongiola
    Bulbophyllum stabile
    Bulbophyllum stenophyllum
    Bulbophyllum streptosepalum
    Bulbophyllum tentaculiferum
    Bulbophyllum thelantyx
    Bulbophyllum tricanaliferum
    Bulbophyllum umbraticola
    Bulbophyllum vinculibulbum
    Bulbophyllum violaceum
    Bulbophyllum williamsii
    Bulbophyllum zebrinum
    Hapalochilus longilabris
    Hapalochilus bandischii