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Struggling Plant

Discussion in 'Issues, Disease and Pests' started by Green Wish, Aug 14, 2022.

  1. Green Wish

    Green Wish New Member

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    What is going on with my plant? It has started failing since the recent heat wave. It was inside where the temp was in the upper 80's and not in direct sun. There seem to be multiple issues. I've had it for about four years and it has been fine. It typically blooms in the fall and maybe spring. It's planted in Orchid bark. I water it by putting the pot in a tray of water. The ceramic pot has holes in the sides. A couple of years ago the roots started growing out of the pot into the air, but it still thrived. 20220813_120025.jpg 20220813_120004.jpg 20220813_120017.jpg 20220813_120040.jpg 20220813_120056.jpg .
  2. Ray

    Ray Orchid Iconoclast Supporting Member

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    Oak Island NC
    Looks to me like something is eating it. Could be rodents, insects, or mollusks.