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Renanthera Species or Hybrid??? and whats the name

Discussion in 'Orchid Identification Section' started by Horus, Apr 1, 2014.

  1. Horus

    Horus Active Member

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    San Juan, Puerto Rico
    Hello, I bought this Renanthera a few years back as a philippinensis but when it bloomed it turned out not to be philipinensis and I don't know who it is and I've posted it to see if anyone knows. The flowers that have more yellow on its tips are from 2 years ago and the ones that have more red are from today. Still its beautiful

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  2. piotrm

    piotrm Well-Known Member

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    Grimsby UK
    lovely flowers, but you are right, i am not specialist but it has to be cross, flowers are too short so maybe sthg like Renanthera Kalsom or its farther cross with another one... or even intergeneric crosss...