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Porpax fibuliformis (?)

Discussion in 'Orchid Species' started by RustyExotics, Jun 27, 2020.

  1. RustyExotics

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    This is probably one of the most exciting blooms I have had. Porpax is a wonderful species of deciduous epiphytes and lithophytes that are closely related to Bulbophyllum. Most species tend to have quite bizarre, small flowers that loosely resemble the beak of a baby bird. Oddly enough, this is one of the orchid genera that got me into "weird orchids," and I've been extremely interested in them since I started growing. This is my first bloom of any Porpax species!

    I purchased this species a little over a year ago as Porpax ustulata, but I firmly believe the ID was incorrect. Porpax fibuliformis is characterized by very small flowers that emerge as terminal growths in pairs of 2-3 flowers. They are very small compared to the size of the foliage and barely open at all. Porpax ustulata has slightly larger flowers (by ~0.25 cm) and is greater in proportion to the leaves. They also open significantly more, at least compared to Porpax fibuliformis. Due to the display of these flowers (nestled into the crux of the leaves), they are really difficult to get pictures of.

    I grow mine in fairly low light levels (slightly more than Phalaenopsis), intermediate-warm temperatures, and high humidity. They are mounted on a piece of cork bark with sphagnum moss glued into any crevices to retain some moisture. During growing season, I keep them well watered and don't let the sphagnum dry out. During dormancy, I mist the plants once every 2 weeks or so to prevent them from desiccating, but mostly just forget about them.

    Nicholas Rust - Porpax ustulata.JPG
    Nicholas Rust - Porpax ustulata.JPG.JPG

    For some reason, this picture of my dog was in the picture folder for this plant so... enjoy her goofiness.

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  2. Ray

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    I would agree with your ID assessment, based upon Dale Borders' photo on IOSPE. Plus, relative to the flowers, Porpax ustulata's vegetation is smaller.
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