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Pleurothallis ID Help

Discussion in 'Orchid Species' started by Rvorchids, Feb 17, 2014.

  1. Rvorchids

    Rvorchids Eric Sauer, Dayton Ohio

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    Dayton, Ohio
    Hello everyone! I have this beautiful Pleuro that I would love to put a name to. The leaves are attached to a very distinctive triangular shaped stem with the "edge" of each side having a bit of a wing or leaf part that extends out from the tip of each edge. The stems are about 6-7 inches long with the flat leaf being about 4 inches long and about an inch wide. Plant came from Ecaudor from My great friends at Ecuagena labeled as Pths aculeata with matches what is on their site but not what I am seeing elsewhere. Any help would be great! Thanks!

    ImageUploadedByOrchidsForum.com1392687322.193916.jpg ImageUploadedByOrchidsForum.com1392687339.861484.jpg ImageUploadedByOrchidsForum.com1392687367.394867.jpg

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  2. piotrm

    piotrm Well-Known Member

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    Grimsby UK
    I think it is Acianthera, but no clue, since half of them for me looks just same beside colours, and maybe more foliage differences, but is very beautiful!