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Phalenopsis Orchid Leaves Shrink started water cullture

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by kan, Nov 26, 2016.

  1. kan

    kan New Member

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    May be overdose of kelp I guess killed the plant.
    I added a pinch of kelp in one of my water cultured orchid which did not have any roots. But had two good leaves. The second day I added the kelp mix one of the green leaf fell off. The other leaf started growing fungus .
    My guess is the pinch of kelp I added may be too much for the plant .
    Note. Last year I have saved my rootless orchid with water culture.
  2. Latouria Lover

    Latouria Lover New Member

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    Orchids do everything slowly. They grow slowly they die slowly. Unless you froze it or put it out in the hot sun all day you wouldn't see a response within a day or two. You should use any fertilizer according to the label directions of course, and for orchids use less. A pinch in (how much?) water given to an orchid with no roots is probably not going to make a green leaf fall off right away. It was going to fall off anyway. Any kind of supplement, whether it be fertilizer or hormones is not a magical cure. Trouble with plants is that once you realize they are dying it is usually too late to save them and apply that to orchids doubly so. All you can do is learn from the experience and try to not let them get in that state to begin with.