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Phalaenopsis wilting & yellowing

Discussion in 'Issues, Disease and Pests' started by terrimpin, Sep 15, 2020.

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    Hi everyone! So I'm not new to raising orchids, but I did gain my experience while living in Hawai'i, where it's relatively simple to care for them. I moved to Paris and finally bought my first orchid here, and literally days after bringing it home from the shop the lower leaves began yellowing, and now the flowers are wilting prematurely.

    The flower shop in question does not have AC or fans, the weather here in Paris has been warm but since I brought the orchid home it hasn't been too hot. The medium was already moist when I brought it home, and did not need watering until a few days later by which point the leaves had already begun yellowing.

    I have the orchid beside me on my desk, I would say the light is medium diffused. One element I think may be contributing to the issue is a small fan placed near me for fresh air that does blow past the orchid. I'm concerned that the temperature fluctuations are affecting the orchid but I'm not sure how to manage this, as I live in a very small apartment and without the fan on it can get pretty torturous in the summer.

    The roots appear to be very healthy, as do the non-yellowed leaves.

    Back in Hawai'i I didn't have to worry about maintaining humidity or temperature because those elements don't fluctuate wildly in the area I grew up in. Basically I think I have to relearn everything I know about orchids now that I'm here in Paris.

    I've attached several photos of the orchid from various angles. B

    It's worth noting that I did purchase two African violets from the same flower shop, and shortly after they arrived they began exhibiting similar symptoms (yellowing/browning of leaves).The Phalaenopsis spikes had several new buds when I first brought the plant home, so I know the flowers are definitely wilting prematurely. Because of that, I have a feeling this is just a matter of temperature, but I wanted a second opinion before making any further changes. Orchids here are pretty pricey compared to the ones back home, and of course I've already become attached to my plant and want to see it healthy again.

    Thanks in advance!

    - Terri
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