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Phalaenopsis maculata, hainanensis

Discussion in 'Orchid Species' started by DPfarr, Nov 20, 2021.

  1. DPfarr

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    Sacramento, CA
    Phal maculata isn’t a typical warm grower. I got this species last year during the usps disruptions in the middle of the summer. It got lost between Texas and California in July. Did not do much placed with my Phals on the side placed away from the cooler. Placed it very close to the cooler inlet and it started spiking and growing. Go figure, intermediate plant doesn’t want warm.

    Love the fully saturated red lip. Flowers are smaller 3cm. Plant is maybe 5” across. When I got it it was maybe 10” and both Peter Lin and I were surprised what the heck was going on because usually the species is smaller.

    Phal hainanensis, I love this section of the genus. Never seen one I wouldn’t want in the collection.

    Incidentally, I did some breeding with the two. I have some pink lobbii and used pollen from it into the maculata (=Micronova a parent to Mini Mark). Did hainanensis x maculata (similar to Micronova? Maybe shifted in color?). Also, used hainanensis onto Sogo Lawrence (will snap a pic of my fall coffee table Phals with that in the hybrids section.)

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  2. Marni

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    What a wonderful P maculata!
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