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Paphiopedilum Doll's Kobold

Discussion in 'For Trade/Sale' started by DarleneJay, Oct 17, 2019.

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    Cleveland, OH
    This is Doll's Kobold made with henryanum f. christae pale x charlesworthii f. bromilowae. It is not the typical form, but a paler form.

    It is currently in bloom with two buds. These flowers have been open for over a month. So, i am not sure how long they will last. I will ship in flower and do my best to protect them. The flowers are not guaranteed to make it through shipping.

    Four growth and two flowers in a 3.5 inch pot: $35. $12 shipping

    20191017_171106.jpg 20191017_171112.jpg 20191017_171125.jpg
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