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Oxyglossum wall on Epiweb

Discussion in 'Growing Areas' started by Jeff9, Aug 22, 2011.

  1. Jeff9

    Jeff9 Member

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    Hi all,

    I've been researching and gathering material to do this for months, and finally today i have planted it and got all the pumps and timers working.
    Here is it after planting, drip line is not pretty right now but it works really well and i will probably make a cover for it when i get time for it.

    Unfortunately this is not a very good picture and it's only one side, however i will take some proper pictures in a few weeks to show it off.

    The idea was to make an Oxyglossum only wall at first but i wanted to downsize my collection for a long time and i decided to get rid of a bunch of plants that were in my way.

    So as a result on the wall now are south american species and oxyglossums, both tolerate cool nights and some of these tricky oxyglossums need a diurnal temp. diffrence to survive.
    The only plant i'm not sure about handling cold nights is Maxillaria juergensii

    View attachment afarm7.static.flickr.com_6186_6069855110_175cd2acff.jpg

    Currently on, back and front:

    Maxillaria juergensii
    Maxillaria spilotantha

    Sophronitis acuensis
    Sophronitis alagoensis
    Sophronitis cernua
    Sophronitis coccinea
    Sophronitis brevipedunculata

    Capanemia micromera
    Capanemia adelaidae

    Leptotes unicolor
    Leptotes tenuis

    D. violaceum
    D. cyanocentrum blue
    D. cyanocentrum white
    D. subuliferum !
    D. subacaule !
    D. seranicum
    D. masarangense
    D. brassii "Kavanaru"
    D. brassii alternate clone
    D. agathodaemonis
    D. nebularum
    D. vexillarius
    D. masarangense var. theionanthum

    Isabelia viriginalis
    Mediocalcar decoratum
    Barbosella australis
    Dryadella sp.

    Yeah, no idea how i fit that all on a 50 x 50 cm wall (back and front).

    I suspect a few of these fragile oxyglossum seedlings will not make it although i really hope they will.

    In the future i would really like to add a few more small oxyglossum species but i'm waiting to see how these will do for now.
  2. Jon

    Jon Mmmm... bulbophyllum...

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    Denver CO, USA
    Can you provide a little more background on your growing situation? I love the wall, and I love the plant list.
  3. Jeff9

    Jeff9 Member

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    Hi Jon,

    Thanks alot.

    The wall is made from Epiweb, by Michael Karlbom, who also designed this IIS system.
    I made this one myself, however they offer premade units on their site.

    There is a drip line at the top that i run several times a day for a few minutes and it keeps the entire thing moist.

    It's in a glass enclosure and there is two 39W lights above the case.
    However i believe these are not powerful enough in the long run so once the seedlings start growing i will be thinking about upgrading to a more powerful set.

    The humidity during the day is 80%+ and at night almos 100%. Theres fans running constantly and it seems to work well so far.

    The entire system is outside in my garage, so in the summer i just have to get lucky with the temperatures or devise a way to keep it relatively cool.

    In the winter i will just heat the tank to 25 - 28C day and 12-13c night.
  4. Chris

    Chris New Member

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    Austin, TX
    That is great Jeff!! Love it!