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Orchid shipment!

Discussion in 'Everything Else Orchid' started by Julie Kennon, Jan 15, 2014.

  1. Julie Kennon

    Julie Kennon Member

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    Tri-Cities, Washington State
    I'm excited to share my news, I got a shipment I've been waiting for from Olympic Orchids. Due to the extreme weather in the U.S. this Winter it has been waiting to be sent since the Thanksgiving week. But I'm glad that Ellen Covey was being wise to wait until it got warmer here.
    So here's my rundown: Den Gillian Leaney '#2' x Den Ku-ring-gai 'Bobin' , Maxillaria tenuifolia, Maxillaria variabilis, Renanthera monachica, Phaius tankervilliae, Sophronitis cernua and the bonus surprise plant, a Jumellea arachnantha.
    I hope that everyone will give me advise on these plants, your experience will be very much appreciated. I am doing research online and in books to glean the important information to give them the best conditions to thrive.