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Orchid Clubs

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Yug, Jan 9, 2009.

  1. Yug

    Yug Orchid Pest

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    Any of you that have orchid clubs near enough to attend - I would recommend doing so. It is a great place to learn/share info, and many tend to give freebies or almost freebies from time to time.

    The club I attend meets the first Tuesday each month, and they were giving out near-blooming size Vanda Tokyo Blue 'Sapphire'. I got the first one free, and paid $6 for the second one (I LOVE vandas! :D ). I looked it up on-line. They look very promising. (providing I don't kill them ;) )

    Some of the growers specialize in one or a few types of 'chids, and are the BEST sources of advice & tips; even better if you can visit their greenhouses. Also, many growers keep their best plants in back corners or off-limits areas of the greenhouses, but if you get lucky with the timing of your visit, you may be there when they are selling divisions of overly large plants. Most I've met tend to be quite generous :poke:.
  2. Tom_in_PA

    Tom_in_PA I am not an addict

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    Shillington, PA
    I was planning on going to my local society meetings this Fall until I realized they meet on Sundays at 1PM! I am sorry but in the Fall Sunday's are for sitting on the couch and watching football (yes I have DVR but it is not the same) so I guess in Febraury I will try to attend my first meeting :)
  3. This_guy_Bri

    This_guy_Bri weirdo

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    i agree!
    then again, i'm currently president of my society.
    we meet the second tuesday of the month.
  4. Mary Jane

    Mary Jane New Member

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    Duluth, Georgia USA
    I can't tell you how many times I've threatened to go downtown and attend a meeting of the atlanta society. Maybe I should put that higher on my list, I know once I got there it would be nice. Everyone I've met from there at local shows has been very nice. Except this one guy, he was a little too nice. Kept wanting to give me a shoulder rub..weirdo. The guy from Carolina Orchids got a kick out of my discomfort, tho. I think he was waiting for me to tell the guy to leave me the heck alone.
  5. Ron-NY

    Ron-NY New Member

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    Saratoga Region, NY
    I totally agree one's local society is a great place to learn, socialize and to obtain new plants either by raffle, purchase of divisions and most clubs hold an auction as a fund raiser. My local OS meets on a Sat afternoon, not the most convenient for me but I do make a few meetings a year.
  6. Roly0217

    Roly0217 Orchid Junkie

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    Miami, FL
    I'm a member of 5 different societies; and still thinking about joining another one. For me it's a lot of fun and I get to learn and share and bring home more orchids. I've got a "Society week" since I've got on that same week meetings on Mon, Tues, Wed and Fri.. .LOL !!!! They are the best entertainment for me.