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Oncidium sphacelatum??

Discussion in 'Orchid Species' started by The Orchidomaniac, Apr 12, 2021.

  1. The Orchidomaniac

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    Redwood City, CA
    Near the beginning of the Pandemic, my mom went to Trader Joe's and took some pics of the plants there for me. Like usual, there were lots of Phals and a few Zygopetalums and Oncidiums, all noid. One of the Oncidiums had buds that were obviously different in shape, color, and size, had pseudobulbs and spikes 2x as large as the others, and was in a different pot with different medium in it. I purchased the plant and it bloomed.
    The "ugly duckling" specimen produced a sickly sweet, vanilla-like fragrance and it had a fiddle-shape lip, with a toothed callus and a blotch across the isthmus. The petals and sepals were indistinguishable in their shape, texture, pattern, and color. It was the plant's first bloom, and the spike was about 1-2 ft. and came from a large pseudobulb with two leaves. The plant was extremely vigorous and produced thin, classic Oncidium roots so fast that when I had to repot it and cut off all its roots and older pseudobulbs, it quickly reestablished itself and did not abort the blooms. Several months later it bloomed AGAIN even though it had only one pseudobulb.
    The blooms looked almost exactly like this picture I found on the forum identified as Onc. sphacelatum:[​IMG]
    However, the lip was more bony and less shapely, and slightly paler. They were about the same size as these ones, and the callus looks the same as well as the petal shapes and colors.
    The only real difference was that the brown markings on the flower were in thick bars instead of blotchy lines, like this:
    Also, the flowers WOULD NOT accept pollen from other flowers on the same plant; I even tried to get rid of identifying proteins in the pollen with spit and lens cleaner. There were of course 2 pollinia.

    I'm sorry I don't have an image. Is the plant Oncidium sphacelatum? Also, WHAT WAS IT DOING AT A GROCERY STORE???
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  2. Sabinchen

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    I think both are the same. Sometimes the colors are a bit diffrent. All my Oncidium had a problem with selfing. The only one I could make a self is oliganthum. Mostly I need a second Plant to product seeds.
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