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"Newly planted" keiki wilting :(

Discussion in 'Issues, Disease and Pests' started by shan1203, Dec 23, 2017.

  1. shan1203

    shan1203 New Member

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    Hi all,

    You were so helpful about 6 months ago when I inquired about the health of my orchids and what it had 'created. I learned I had a keiki on my hands and used the advice to repot, separating into two plants. All seemed to be going well, I even posted an update about the good health of both recently.

    Unfortunately, the keiki's health took a nose dive. It is browning and wilting. I haven't moved it, changed the soil or watering frequency but I did introduce fertilizer. I've fertilized twice according to the package instructions (orchids specific fertilizer - Miracle Gro) Did I overdo it?

    How can I help the plant heal?

    Thanks for your help!

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  2. Ray

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    Oak Island NC
    Don't even worry about fertilizer until the plant is established. (Out of curiosity, at what concentration did you mix it up?)

    The plant is desiccating, suggesting that it either has an insufficient root system, or you're just not watering it enough.

    Absolutely soak and flush the potting medium, then invert a clear plastic bag over the pot and plant, to trap the humidity inside of it, slowing the water loss. If you can warm it up, especially from the bottom, it will accelerate root growth. Keep it in deep shade, or it will broil in the bag.
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