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New Coelogyne tome

Discussion in 'Everything Else Orchid' started by Paul J, Jun 22, 2011.

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    Coelogyne afficionados rejoice! Elisabeth and Jean-Claude George have finally published their magnum opus on the genus, which came out to 608 pages. It was published by Editions-Belin, and the advertisement is at http://www.editions-belin.com:80/ewb_pages/f/fiche-article-les-coelogynes-16426.php. The first 25 pages can be viewed at:
    http://www.editions-belin.com:80/ewb_pages/c/catalogue_interactif.php?article=005758. A bit spendy at 65 Euros plus 14 Euros overseas shipping to this side of the pond, but surely worthy of possession. There are few, if any, finer growers and true amatuers on Coelogyne than the Georges. The book was published in French, but a modicum of effort and a basic dictionary is all that is needed. It is not available yet in the U.S., though maybe soon in Quebec, and Amazon.co.uk lacks it.