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Monitor meltdown/new monitor purchase?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Posey, Apr 7, 2009.

  1. Posey

    Posey New Member

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    My monitor (and my friggin NEW washing machine) did a bizare meltdown late last week. My computer monitor looked like somebody wrote on wax (after I smacked it and it behaved so it didn't jump up and down with static like some old fashioned TV-so I'm told :evil:) and dragged the middle left side half to the left. Sigh. So like hey,,,cool, my computer monitor finally died this morning and I got a new one very late today. I was thrilled, I tell ya, cause the stock market is like going like crazy and I've been trading like a maniac and was FRANTIC that I didn't know what happened to what my broker did when I called this morning.

    I got a wide-screen monitor, big as all get out,,,anybody have experience with these things? Looks like the letters are kinda 'spread' out, ya know. LOL. Do you get used to that? How do you optimize yours?

    edit: Oh like cool, cool, cool,,,,ITS HUGE and it WORKS!!!!!!