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Maxillaria sanderiana

Discussion in 'Orchid Species' started by tenman, Jul 14, 2019.

  1. tenman

    tenman Well-Known Member

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    Maxillaria sanderiana, a large plant which blooms, like stanhopeas, out the bottom or through the sides, of the basket. A cooler grower, I keep it wet year-round and up high in the GH during the cooler part of the year (summers down in front of the coolers) for maximum sunlight. It's large, dramatically-colored flowers are some of the most recognized in the rochid world. While IOSPE lists it as having 2" flowers, the Christensen monograph has them much larger. This one has 5" flowers. This blurs the line between this and M.grandis, which this was purchased as. If they are one species, M.grandis has priority for the name. It has a sweet bubblegum fragrance in the midday. sanderiana0619.jpg
  2. DanaRaluca

    DanaRaluca Active Member

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    Beautiful flower. :) I hope one day I will have condition and space for this species.