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Masdevallia's blooming at the moment

Discussion in 'Orchid Species' started by weeand, Aug 22, 2019.

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    Hengelo, The Netherlands
    At the moment there is not so much in flower. Certainly not after the heatwave of the past few weeks. Fortunately, my plants survived.

    Masdevallia lychniphora and Masdevallia icterina do bloom now. They both belong to the Caudatae subsection. However, the photo of Masdevallia icterina at IOSPE differs somewhat from mine and the lip is different. Mine has a very mobile lip, as in the subsection Oscillantes (for example Masdevallia pteroglossa). But as far as I know Masdevallia's of subsection Caudatae don't have mobile lips.

    So I ask myself if the name is correct. Anyone an idea?
    Masdevallia_icterina-.jpg Masdevallia_icterina--2.jpg Masdevallia_lychniphora.jpg Masdevallia_lychniphora-8768.jpg
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