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Masdevallia paquishae

Discussion in 'Orchid Species' started by weeand, Jul 17, 2022.

  1. weeand

    weeand Well-Known Member

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    Hengelo, The Netherlands
    Masdevallia paquishae is a small Masdevallia found in Ecuador and Peru. It grows there at altitudes between 1500m and 1750m. The leaves are about 7 cm long and the flower is about 3 cm. The plant is now hanging outside in a sheltered spot on an east wall. During the winter period it hangs in my orchidarium with temperate temperatures. She is now flowering for the first time with me. I hope the flowers will open up a little more.

    Masdevallia_pasquishae-16-48-34 (C,S4).jpg

    Masdevallia_paquishae2022-07-10 16-38-02 (C,S4).jpg

    Masdevallia_pasquishae-16-45-43 (C,S4).jpg
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    Ghent, Belgium
    Not often seen, very nice!