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Masdevallia exquisita

Discussion in 'Orchid Species' started by pcolman, Jun 14, 2019 at 4:44 PM.

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    I traded away piece of Pleurothallis dressleri a while back, but decided to use that "credit" for a division of Masdevallia exquisita two months ago. I'd gotten a plant of this species with my ill-fated February Ecuagenera shipment. It went from 20+ leaves to zero in less than a week. This one is faring far better. It lost 2-3 leaves after getting it since it was freshly divided, but it is now growing new roots and 7 new leaves. The flower is about 2½" tall from the tips of the caudae.

    So far my venture into intermediate-cool Masdevallias is going well. Aside from this species, andreettana, decumana, deformis, hartmanii, lychniphora, and tovarensis are all doing well and none is showing signs of stress. My daytime temps are already where they'll be all summer, nighttime a degree or two lower. I'm also experimenting with one more (very showy, starts with a "v") species that is even higher altitude, but shouldn't have any issue with my daytime temps, it's cool nights that are the issue. It's getting special treatment—so far so good, but too early to tell.

    Masdevallia exquisita.jpg Masdevallia exquisita flower.jpg Masdevallia exquisita flower 3-4.jpg Masdevallia exquisita closeup.jpg
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