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Discussion in 'Orchid Species' started by Nisanisa, Feb 24, 2020.

  1. Nisanisa

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    Somebody grows Luisia?
    This is my new plant. So, yesterday I visited a friend and saw a clump of Dendrobium crumenatum mounted to a mango tree. Observing the plant, I saw some other plant among the dendronium. With terete leaves. I asked her what kind of flower it has. But she said she never paid attention to those plants. So, I asked her if I could have some to take home. Generously, she gave me five plants.
    After searching the internet, I think this is a kind of Luisia. Perhaps Luisia javanica?

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  2. tropicbreeze

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    Top End, NT, Au
    I don't grow them but last year I found some Luisa corrugata growing wild. They were in a tree that had come down in a cyclone. There were a lot of Dendrobium affine in the tree but amongst them were some Luisia.

    This species grows quite high up in trees and I guess they like the normal wet season rain followed by a dry season. They should be quite easy to grow.
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