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Looking for Temperature Tolerant Species.

Discussion in 'Orchid Culture' started by Forrest, Jan 1, 2009.

  1. Forrest

    Forrest Really Neat

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    Northern California
    I figured I would shelter them from the rain anyway. Right now my Laelias are just out in the open and this really sucks because the flowers always spot up. So when I build this area, I will most likely build something out for the Laelias as well, either that or put them in there.

    The cyms can stay out in the rain. They are like weeds anyway. :D
  2. katiedid

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    If you check Santa Barbara Orchids site, they have an extensive listing and they tell you which plants are temperate tolerant. There are many plants that are as cold tolerant as Laelia anceps. Most of the Nobile Dendrobiums will take temperatures down to freezing and some below. One grower in Florida reported that his nobile types took temperatures down to 25F with impunity and he bragged about the flowers, although frozen, suffered no damage. Most of the Epi. radicans types will take temps down to 28F. I grow a number of them in the landscape and mine have gone through 31F with no damage.
  3. epiphyte

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    Not sure how I missed this thread...

    These didn't seem too bothered by this last winter's minimum of 33F.

    Bulbophyllum affine
    Bulbophyllum congestum / B. odoratissimum
    Bulbophyllum rothschildianum - New growth already emerging
    Bulbophyllum wendlandianum - New growth even more developed than rothschildianum

    Pleurothallis restrepioides - Just bloomed and plenty of new growth
    Restrepia antennifera - New growth already emerging

    Here's my most up-to-date outdoor grow list.
    The closest outdoor grower to you (that I know of) is in the Monterey Area. Here is his outdoor grow list.
    Bill Dobson over in Sydney, Australia has a few Bulbos and several Pleuro alliance orchids on his outdoor grow list.

    Miltonia flavescens is a good candidate...
    Photo: calimecita

    According to the Orchid Culture website...here are some Bulbos that experience average lowest temperatures less than 46F...

    Bulbophyllum affine Lindley
    Bulbophyllum ambrosia (Hance) Schlechter
    Bulbophyllum bracteatum F. M. Bailey
    Bulbophyllum collettii King & Pantling
    Bulbophyllum elisae (F. Müller) Bentham
    Bulbophyllum exiguum F. Müller
    Bulbophyllum gamblei (Hooker f.) Hooker f.
    Bulbophyllum globuliforme (Nicholls) Nicholls
    Bulbophyllum leopardinum (Wallich) Lindley
    Bulbophyllum macraei (Lindley) Rchb. f.
    Bulbophyllum odoratissimum (Smith) Lindley
    Bulbophyllum orientale G. Seidenfaden
    Bulbophyllum pectinatum Finet
    Bulbophyllum propinquum Kränzlin
    Bulbophyllum retusiusculum Rchb. f.
    Bulbophyllum rothschildianum (O'Brien) J. J. Smith
    Bulbophyllum schillerianum Rchb. f.
    Bulbophyllum setaceum T. P. Lin
    Bulbophyllum shepherdii (F. Müller) F. Müller
    Bulbophyllum sikkimense (King and Pantlin) J. J. Smith
    Bulbophyllum thaiorum J. J. Smith 1912
    Bulbophyllum umbellatum Lindley
    Bulbophyllum weinthalii R. S. Rogers

    And some in the Pleuro alliance...

    Masdevallia amabilis Rchb. f. and Warscewicz
    Masdevallia barlaeana Rchb. f.
    Masdevallia chaparensis Hashimota
    Masdevallia civilis Rchb. f.
    Masdevallia dura Luer
    Masdevallia nebulina Luer
    Masdevallia nitens Luer
    Masdevallia notosibirica Maekawa and Hashimoto
    Masdevallia picea Luer
    Masdevallia rafaeliana Luer
    Masdevallia solomonii Luer and Vásquez
    Masdevallia tinekeae Luer
    Masdevallia vasquezii Luer
    Masdevallia wubbenii Luer
    Pleurothallis lilijae Foldats

    If you purchase the culture sheets you can utilize this temperature comparison page to visualize temperature compatibility....

    37.33N | 100 ft | San Jose, CA --- 26.7N | 3300 ft | Bulbophyllum rothschildianum
    View attachment achart_apis_google_com_chart_dd0d27946469b1e0f059a7cf49bec207.
    Sources: Orchid Culture, Weather Reports,Temperature Charts

    Look forward to hearing how your orchids do outdoors. Hopefully you'll be able to mount a few on trees.