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Linda Sizer SOS

Discussion in 'Growing Areas' started by Jennys.Secret.Garden, Nov 9, 2020.

  1. Jennys.Secret.Garden

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    Hi, I got this Linda Sizer paph about a year ago and think I'm not taking care of it properly because it keeps dropping leaves. Now it's down to just one. Can someone tell me how I should care for this and if this one is savable? What kind of watering and light does it need? I think I've been watering it too much. Thanks!

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  2. Ray

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    Oak Island NC
    Most paphs in nature live with their roots spread in the leaf litter on the forest floor, and while that is usually moist, it is also extremely airy. I’m afraid sphagnum can be too soppy and suffocating, especially in a standard pot. I have seen paph growers successfully use sphagnum in shallow trays or baskets, as they dry rapidly, but then the challenge is to keep it moist.

    Many hobby and professional growers use a medium or fine bark with a little sponge rock added, but for the last few decades, I have been growing paphs in semi-hydroponics in clay aggregate. I have been experimenting with a 50/50 mixture of clay aggregate pellets and Grodan rock wool mini-cubes in standard pots for the last several months, and I think that’s a good alternative, as well.

    To me, that plant looks like it is beyond hope of recovery. Sorry - we’ve all been there at one time of another.
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