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Lepanthes telipogoniflora Schuit. & A. de Wilde

Discussion in 'Culture sheets' started by Dale, Nov 5, 2009.

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    Lepanthes telipogoniflora Schuit. & A. de Wilde
    Authored by: Dale​

    Description: Type found in Colombia @ 500 m ASL; described in 1996


    - Summer: 62-83°F
    - Winter: 62-75°F

    Light: Low light

    Humidity: 60-80%

    Air circulation: Slight breeze

    Growing location: Greenhouse

    Growing medium: Mount - Tree fern

    Growing medium notes: Plants seem to grow best on mounts positioned horizontally.

    - Frequency: Daily during summer, every two days during cooler months.
    - Fertilizer & frequency: Daily during summer @ 165 ppm TDS. Every 3-4 days during winter @ 125 ppm TDS. Greencare RO fertilizer; 13-3-15.
    - Dry rest: No. Plant roots remain constantly damp. Watering frequency is reduced during cooler months since it takes the plant longer to approach dryness.

    Blooming season: Spring, Summer, Fall

    Flower size: 3/4" flowers on a 1" spike.

    Plant size: Tufted sympodial species less than 1" tall.

    Other firsthand observations: Plants greatly benefit from constant feed fertilizer during growth. Air movement should be slight especially if RH is less than 80%.

    Other plants growing well nearby:
    Aerangis punctata
    Bulbophyllum ovalifolium
    Bulbophyllum aestivale
    Ophidion cunabulum
    Ophidion pleurothallopsis
    Zootrophion griffin
    Pleurothallis titan
    Pleurothallis teaguei
    Epidendrum escobarianum
    Aerangis modesta
    Paphinia neudeckeri

    MOBOT - http://www.tropicos.org/

    The information contained in this sheet is for personal use only. It is copyrighted by both the author and Orchids Interactive. It cannot be reproduced or distributed without the consent of both the author and Orchids Interactive.
    lepanthestelipogon2plant.jpg lepanthestelipogonstack.jpg lepanthestelipogonclosestack.jpg
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