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Laelia cinnabarina

Discussion in 'Orchid Species' started by tenman, Mar 1, 2011.

  1. tenman

    tenman Well-Known Member

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    Once again, the vendors have screwed up. It's getting old.

    I got this as L.rupestris. Though I'm very happy to have a cinnabarina in bloom, I'm also disappointed that I don't have a rupestris. I've passed up many chances to pick one up since I got this one about 8 years ago.

    Two 2.5" flowers, one still opening, on a 12" high spike from an 8" tall plant growing in a 2.5" clay pot in a mix of mostly aliflor clay pellets mixed with some hand-chopped sphagnum. It gets as much sun as I can give it and goes outside for full sun in the summer and stays out until frost. I water them with the catts, but in the summer almost daily.

    I have another, smaller plant labelled cinnabarina in spike (wonder what IT will really be???) as well as milleri. The milleri has bloomed before but it'll be a first for the other cinnabarina - there's no chance the labels were switched as the one in the other cinnabarina is the one it came with - I got it only a year or so ago since I didn't have a cinnabarina :-(~

    The fournieri is the easiest bloomer of my rupicolous laelias, often twice a year. I'm getting more of them to bloom since the GH, now that I can give them better conditions.
    cinnabarinarupestris0211.jpg cinnabarinarupestrisfull.jpg
  2. Uluwehi

    Uluwehi angraecoids, dendrobiums and more Supporting Member

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    Though it didn't turn out to be what you had wanted, this is a beautiful species. :)