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Kanjana Orchids

Discussion in 'Orchid Vendor FYI' started by gjanick, Sep 9, 2022.

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    Hello. My words here on not necessarily an endorsement for an orchid seller. The purpose of this thread is to show that even large orchid companies and sellers can still cader to the small individual like me.

    In Thailand, I am somewhat limited where I can order orchids from online. I use Shopee (an Amazon-like website that sells everything). Shopee is huge in Asia and the company is quite reliable. But there are only a handful of orchid sellers. So I have been ordering mainly from two sellers. One of them is Kanjana Orchids in Bangkok.

    I was under the assumption that Kanjana Orchids was probably a smaller street retail store/seller that had a fairly nice selection. Bangkok has one of the largest plant selling districts in the world and I assumed Kanjana had their store located there. OMG-- was I wrong!

    Kanjana Orchids has one of the largest wholesale orchid selling operations in the world. I have copied and pasted their website: Home - Kanjana Orchids
    This website is only for other orchid sales retail operations to order from, but anyone can go online and look at their operation.

    However, to my amazement, Kanjana Orchids has an online retail sales store outlet on Shopee Thailand and it is the same Kanjana company, a smaller scaled-down retail version. But it is still fantastic!!!!!

    The plants that I have ordered are all in incredible beautiful condition when I receive them. Most are with spikes or even blooms.

    But get a load of this: I had purchased a beautiful NoID dendrobium plant from another seller on Shopee. I was surfing through Kanjana's wholesale dendrobium picture section and I came across the exact picture of this NoID plant that I had. So just for the hec of it, I sent Mark Kanjana an email asking him to ID the picture and my plant. I never expected him to reply-- but he did! Mark Kanjana is the president of the company!

    The name of the plant is this:
    Dendrobium Nopporn Starbright x Dendrobium Udom Yellow
    I will do a seperate thread on this orchid when it blooms. It has just formed its first spike in the last couple of days.

    So I am so very fortunate to have Kanjana Orchids here in Thailand!
  2. gjanick

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    Dear Mr.Janick,

    Good morning sir. I trust you are well and my best wishes to you and yours.

    I am very pleased and grateful for your time in posting such a wonderful thread about our company and business on orchidsforum.com.
    Thank you for your kind words and all. I have never expected that, it's very nice and kind of you to give feedback to the orchid community towards us. I highly appreciate it.

    We try our best to assist in the orchid community and if we do sometimes receive a few messages and inquiry towards the growing tips and naming of the variety.
    I am more than happy to assist you with the best of my knowledge and abilities.

    If you happen to travel to the central region of Thailand our nursery is located in LopBuri, which is only 160 kms North of Bangkok.
    Here is our location on the google map; https://goo.gl/maps/RugeHpJNnVxrhYkc8 .

    Have a great weekend and happy growing sir.

    Best Regards,

    Mark Kanjanasoon


    Kanjana Orchid