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Is this a fact for every orchid society show?

Discussion in 'Orchid Shows & Events' started by highup7, Mar 18, 2022.

  1. highup7

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    Hey people, I once belonged to the orchid society in my city. Since the society relocated to another part of my town I decided that it wasn't worth the extra miles plus I'm not crazy about driving at night. The other day at the store I ran into a guy that belonged to my local society when I was a member. We struck up a conversation and he told me that he also did not renew his membership to our local society. I told him the reason why I decided not to renew my membership. He said that he thought the reason for me not to renew my membership was because I found out what the majority of the members do when our yearly show is approaching. I told him that I had no idea what he meant. He said that many members would order from well known orchid vendors just before the show and display it as a plant that they grew. Of coure they order a plant that is big and has many flowers and buds. I was floored and when I thought about it I found the answer to my thinking. I always wondered why certain growers always won a first place ribbon on their cool growing orchid. I also figured out that when you went to the grower's greenhouse you would never see the types of orchids that he won first place on. I now realize the reason why they would sell a prize winning plant to the general public. You could always buy another one. I'll never join my local society ever again. It apparently doesn't bother them when they receive a prize for having the best grown orchid when in fact they did nothing to grow it.
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    Santa Rosa, CA
    There are unscrupulous people in every group. But I don't think this a common practice in my area. All of the shows I participated in over the years have a rule that you have to have grown and bloomed the plant yourself to be able to enter it for judging, but I don't think that applies to just having it in your display. Regardless of some members being jerks, there is a lot to be gained from being a member of a good society.
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