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Hello from SoCal

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Lea1023, May 30, 2013.

  1. Lea1023

    Lea1023 New Member

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    Los Angeles, CA
    My first orchid was a 2-spiked yellow cymbidium, a gift from my husband on the birth of our first child, now almost 30. There was a time when every little space in my yard and in the house was covered with orchids---yup, I was bitten by the orchid bug real hard. Then "well-meaning" people came over to clean my yard and demolished a third of my collection. I got in such a funk that I couldn't get myself near my 'chids for at least a couple of years and those that are left survived from sheer obstinacy. I started to pick up the pieces about 12 months ago and trying to nurse what I have back to life.

    I have orchids from various genera but I'm partial to dendrobium; I used to have over 100 different dendrobium species. I have just about a dozen now but I have been eyeing ebay recently, hoping to score some without spending as much as I did pre-financial crisis.

    So here I am, anxious to relearn all the orchid things I forgot during my self-imposed depression era. lol. Feels good to be back!
  2. ZWUM

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    Exeter, PA
    Welcome to the forum! Hopefully the plethora of species in the photo gallery will entice you build build your species collection back up into the 100's again :)
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