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Hello from Naples Florida Zone 10b - here is my massive list(s)

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by edub9, Jul 22, 2013.

  1. edub9

    edub9 Member

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    Ionopsis Utricularioides
    Encyclia Ionophlebia
    Eria Floribunda
    Catasetum - many
    Laelia caulescens
    Oncidium floridanum Florida Native
    Ionopsis Utricularioides Florida Native
    Encyclia Cochleata or syn. Prosthechea cochleata Florida Native
    Rhyncolaelia Glauca
    Pleurothallis racemiflora
    Pleurothallis Species: minutalis (oxios) Origin: Mexico - Andys orchids has
    Pleurothallis Species: grobyi - Andys orchids has
    Pleurothallis Species: quadricaudata (amphigya) Origin: Colombia - Andys
    Lepanthes volador - mottled mini
    Lepanthes calodictyon/ telepogoniflora - may be a syn of the above
    Lepanthes satyrica
    Brassavola digbyana
    Eurychone rothschildiana
    Scaphyglottis violacea
    Sobralia crocea - or any
    Epidendrum porpax
    Corybas pictus - helmet orchid
    Trichoglottis latisepala
    Leptotes unicolor
    Den laevifolium
    Den discolor
    Den bracteosum
    Den Primulinum de Leon
    Den Thyrsiflorum
    Den rigidum
    Den oligophyllum
    Den moniliforme 'Tsuruhime' - VERIGATED - newworldorchids com
    Mediocalcar aureo-rubrum - VERIGATED
    Dendrobium moniliforme' Manazuru' - VERIGATED - newworldorchids com
    Den canaliculatum var nigrescens - Australia
    Den Balexanderae
    Den Crumenatum
    Den Burana Sweet Hian - at Jade Orchids ONLY
    Euchile ( Encyclia ) citrina
    Haraella Retrocalla
    Soterosanthus Shephardii
    Corybas Pictus
    Chiloschista Viridiflava
    Liparis Viridiflora (had)
    Dendrobium Crumenatum - MAYBE HAVE?
    DENDROBIUM TRANTUANII mini-mini - (had)
    Cryptocentrum gracilipes
    Dendrobium polysema
    Epidendrum montserratense
    Schomburgkia Albopurpurea
    Epidendrum diffusium
    Encyclia cyperifolia
    Epidendrum conopseum
    Catasetum sanguineum - Seattle Orchids
    Ania hookeriana - terrestrial - tenshinorchids.com
    Neobathiea perrieri
    Cryptopus elatus - Angraecoid alliance
    Trichopilia brasiliense - Marni T has one in collection
    Dendrobium schoeninum - Marni T has one in collection

    Haves -

    Chiloschista parishii
    Angraecum germinyanum
    BL Yellow Bird
    Epidendrum ciliare
    Encyclia Nursery Rhyme - hybrid
    Encyclia Tampense
    Encyclia Tampense var alba
    Cyrtopodium polyphyllum - Florida Native
    Onc Mendenhall Hildos FCC AOS (parentage) Onc. papilio x Onc. Butterfly
    Stanhopea nigroviolacea Predator FCC AOS
    Phalenopsis Springtime var alba
    Oerstedella pseudoschumanniana
    Den amethystoglossum
    Den capituliflorum
    Den goldsmidtianum SYN miyaei
    Dendrobium aggregatum
    Den Minipac - From Fiji - Grower is South Sea Orchids Raymond Burr - Purchased from Jade orchids Naples
    Neobenthamia gracilis
    Neobenthamia sp - unknown
    Bletia florida syn. Bletia shepherdii Hook. syn Cymbidium floridum Salisb. 1796
    Dendrobium oligophyllum - coming in the mail from seattle orchid
    Dendrobium Aileen Burness- From Fiji - Grower is South Sea Orchids Raymond Burr - Purchased from Jade orchids Naples
    Habenaria Repens - Water Spider Orchid - fl native grow close to bog conditions.
    Bletia purpurea Purple Terrestrial - Fl Native
    Fdk After Dark Mo. Painted Desert "SVO" HCC/AOS x Ctsm. Donna Wise "Susan" AM/AOS
    Fdk. After Dark ‘SVO Black Pearl’ FCC/AOS - (Mo. Painted Desert ‘SVO’ HCC/AOS x Ctsm. Donna Wise ‘Kathleen’ AM/AOS)
    Dendrobium oligophyllum - seattle orchids in bloom 6-7-2013
    Eulophia Graminea
    Eulophia decaryana (Madagascar) (homotypic synonym of Oeceoclades decaryana
    Oeceoclades roseovariegata
    Den. Burana Jade yellow
    Ophrys bombyliflora - terrestrial - potted july 16-18 2013
    Anacamptis morio - terrestrial - potted july 16-18 2013
    Ophrys oestifera - terrestrial - potted july 16-18 2013
    Encyclia or Prosthechea radiata - In bloom 7-20-13

    New from redland orchid festival 2013

    Peristeria elata - from Mac's Orchids Ft. Lauderdale
    Epidendrum anceps - Fl native
    Eulophia Adamensi
    Eulophia guineensis x Eulophia Keithii - Eucagena?
    Epic. Serenao - China Distributor
    Den Amabile - Martin Motes Orchids

    Non Orchid Plants (have)
    Ceropegia Linearis

    ornithophora radicans,
    Haraella rectrocalla, podangis dactylocera, cattleya aclandiae,
    angraecum didieri, Angraecum magdalenae,

    Native bog orchids - all terrestrial

    bog orchid (Habenaria)
    winged bog orchid (Habenaria alata)
    Guadeloupe bog orchid (Habenaria amalfitana)
    hammock bog orchid (Habenaria distans)
    woodland bog orchid (Habenaria eustachya)
    Habenaria floribunda (Habenaria floribunda)
    big-horn bog orchid (Habenaria macroceratitis)
    tropical bog orchid (Habenaria monorrhiza)
    toothpetal bog orchid (Habenaria odontopetala)
    longhorn bog orchid (Habenaria quinqueseta) syn. Michaux's Orchid
    Habenaria rodeiensis (Habenaria rodeiensis)

    Mediterranean or European Bee orchids

    Ophrys - species from Central Europe: holoserica, apifera, insectifera, sphegodes
    Comperia or comperiana
  2. KellyW

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    Redding, California, USA
    edub9, welcome to OI. That is quite a list of haves and have-nots. I look forward to seeing some of your plants posted.
  3. Brent W

    Brent W Owner Staff Member

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    Huntsville, AL
    Welcome :)
  4. ZWUM

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    Exeter, PA
    Welcome to the forum! Where are the Bulbo's on your list? Lol.
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