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Grammatophyllum Speciosum (in the US)

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by LeydisOrchids, Jun 10, 2018.

  1. LeydisOrchids

    LeydisOrchids New Member

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    Hello everyone [​IMG],
    I am looking to buy a Grammatophyllum Speciosum. I have been looking for a while now, and have only found sellers that do not ship to the US. If anyone has any ideas of where I can buy one let me know.
  2. Ray

    Ray Orchid Iconoclast Supporting Member

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    Oak Island NC
    If you cannot find a US source, consider buying from an international one that comes to the US for shows, as they will likely bring it into the US on one of their visits, and ship it from the show venue. I have purchased many plants that way from Ooi Leng Sun Orchids, for example.