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Fungal issue on Bulbo?

Discussion in 'Issues, Disease and Pests' started by hornet, Mar 31, 2013.

  1. hornet

    hornet Member

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    My mate sent me this pic today and wants to know what it is. This is the underside of a leaf from his new Bulbophyllum graveolans, only the older leaves and bulbs have this, new growth is all clean, i was thinking possibly fungal?
  2. ZWUM

    ZWUM Bulbophiliac Staff Member

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    Exeter, PA
    It looks like its dry dark spots, not wet or mushy which is usually a sign of fungal or bacterial infection, so I'm leaning towards it being a wild plant. A lot of collected plants have blemishes and dark spots, bite marks from insects and so on. If its only on the old growths, leaf and pbulbs, and not spreading to the new growths I think it will be ok. I've had much worse looking plants come in and they doing fine. Keep an eye on it, if the spotting is wet or mushy, or it spreads I'd treat for bacterial/fungal infection. Do you have any more pics?
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  3. OrchidWholesalerThailand

    OrchidWholesalerThailand New Member

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    Since the sports do look more dry than moisture i expect here more a bacterial than a fungal infection, it is realy need to know now where you grow (what insects) and where the plants native come from to get more in detail. whats important at the moment, dont stress aditional - no repotting, keep the plant clean (yes wash it like a baby) and spread more details about the strain, where its from, and where you grow under what condition, best wish