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Eria globifera

Discussion in 'Orchid Species' started by Dale, Feb 1, 2012.

  1. Dale

    Dale New Member

    Intermediate grower. This is such a resilient species. I've had the plant since 1975 and it's never hosted insects or fungal/bacterial infections. It's experienced temperatures from 34° to 138°F and never whimpered. Flowers are 1 1/2" across and pleasantly scented.
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  2. This_guy_Bri

    This_guy_Bri weirdo

    and it is quite nice to look at!
    i mean, at which to look....
  3. Tom-DE

    Tom-DE Well-Known Member Supporting Member

    yes indeed!
  4. piotrm

    piotrm Well-Known Member

  5. gnathaniel

    gnathaniel Lurker Supporting Member

    Holy crap, 138 F?!? What were the circumstances around that? Very nice plant and good to know about its resilience, sounds right about my speed... :p
  6. Dale

    Dale New Member

    "138 F?!? What were the circumstances around that?"

    I was going to sea and paying my 14 year old son $30 a month to water the green house. He turned the main circuit breaker off to avoid destroying his coiffure (fans), then waltzed off to school without restoring power. God forbid he should go to school with ugly hair. Then he did it again. That's when I installed automatic watering.
  7. John Klinger

    John Klinger Active Member Supporting Member

    Like that one Dale.
  8. KellyW

    KellyW Orchid wonk Staff Member Supporting Member

    I have Eria amica but this is so much nicer.
  9. Alexey

    Alexey Well-Known Member Supporting Member

    Nice specimen. Quote: ” Then he did it again.” They always do something. In March I will leave my collection for 2 weeks with my daughter. Will see what this year score is going to be.