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Epicattleya Rene Marques 'Flame Thrower' - can be pruned?!? Getting leggy...

Discussion in 'Everything Else Orchid' started by Delilah, May 20, 2016.

  1. Delilah

    Delilah Orchidaceous

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    Sydney, Australia = warm-temperate
    My Epicattleya Rene Marques 'Flame Thrower' is getting very leggy. How should its growth be managed?

    I would never normally contemplate snipping an orchid, but will this plant just keep growing taller and leggier if I don't? What will happen if I snip a stem?

    Ta [​IMG]
  2. Ray

    Ray Orchid Iconoclast Supporting Member

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    Oak Island NC
    That is a relatively tall growing plant anyway, but if it's getting "leggy", it suggests insufficient light.

    I suggest against trimming anything other than old flower spikes though. Trimming a growth is like cutting off part of it's body, and takes away from its ability to gather and process energy.