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Dendrochilum magnum

Discussion in 'Orchid Species' started by Sue, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. Sue

    Sue Evil Genius

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    Myrtle Beach, SC
    The largest of the genus, related to Coelogyne. I've found this species to be a very easy grower. Nice scent of vanilla, but with a bit of soapiness.

    Blooms are presented well, in a slightly twisting pendulous raceme. But you really have to get in there before the blooms start looking like orchid flowers! From the side, the individual blooms, hidden under their cowl-like floral bracts, look like hermit crabs.

    Each flower has a natural spread of about 1.3cm, and spikes I counted varied from about 82 to 112 blooms each. With 24 spikes this year, by the time they're all bloomed out, this plant will have produced approximately 2300 blooms in this year's blooming. Currently in a 12" pot.


    afarm4.static.flickr.com_3456_3954085086_870be457e5_m.jpg afarm4.static.flickr.com_3496_3953307467_b1b83869f7_m.jpg afarm4.static.flickr.com_3485_3953309401_dafaffac41_m.jpg
  2. harrywitmore

    harrywitmore Member

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    Wingate, NC
    Very nice. I have just a few of the Genus and not this one. I have not found the secret of growing them yet although I have not killed them.
  3. Boytjie

    Boytjie Out hiking Supporting Member

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    Rochester, NY
    Beautiful and impressive. One of those amazing plants that those of us who are restricted to growing indoors under lights get all envious about when we see it. I've got three Dendrochilum species, but am space-limited to the smaller ones. *sigh* :(