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Dendrobium flexicaule - full compot

Discussion in 'For Trade/Sale' started by DarleneJay, Oct 17, 2019.

  1. DarleneJay

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    Cleveland, OH
    Dendrobium flexicaule reminds me of a miniature Den nobile. Not sure why it is not in more collections.

    I have two compots and only need one. The compot for sale has approximately 15-20+ seedlings. As you can see, the seedling are filling it the compot nicely which makes them difficult to count. A few of the larger ones have started to produce keikis, which I think is a good indicator these are approaching blooming size already.

    The compot is $55, plus $8 shipping.
    20191015_204552.jpg 20191015_204557.jpg 20191015_204602.jpg