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Dendrobium christyanum

Discussion in 'Orchid Species' started by DPfarr, Jul 1, 2023.

  1. DPfarr

    DPfarr Well-Known Member

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    Sacramento, CA
    IMG_6685.jpeg I brought this in in March of this year from Hengduan. I really love this plant. I couldn’t remember christyanum but could recall margaritaceum, so I looked up on the orchid species encyclopedia and saw Holger had submitted a picture and you know, carry the two; this should be of closely related genotype.

    However, on Jay’s site there is a picture of flowering plant with long skinny canes. I accept there is some phenotypic plasticity but I maintain that is almost species level differences. I haven’t compared the keel or looked at my Lavarack book yet to say it’s a or b.

    At any rate, I’m impressed by its floral entrance into my collection. It’s growing on a rotating rack above my Masevallia, cuthbertsonii, coccinea type stuff.
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  2. Arne

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    Baltimore, Maryland
    That’s a fantastic Dendrobium and nicely presented!