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Dendrobium Aggregatum

Discussion in 'Orchid Culture' started by bandraboy, Mar 2, 2020.

  1. bandraboy

    bandraboy New Member

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    I live in the Phoenix, AZ area. When should I start watering the above plant after its winter rest? I read that I should wait for bud to form before watering.
    I also was told to start watering before buds form, since the watering will trigger the formation of buds!
    Any feed back will be appreciated.
  2. KellyW

    KellyW Orchid wonk Staff Member Supporting Member

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    Redding, California, USA
    For the winter-rest Dendrobiums I typically stop watering around Thanksgiving and start again around Valentines Day. I vary that a bit depending on the temperatures. This winter was so warm that I watered a few times during the dry period and started regular watering before Valentine's Day.

    Much of the literature says not to water until new growth starts but under my conditions I think that is too late.

    I have 2 D. aggregatum and one has long spikes while the other has just nubs.