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Creeping/Trailing Pleurothallid Orchids for Trade

Discussion in 'For Trade/Sale' started by JohnsonS, Sep 14, 2020.

  1. JohnsonS

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    Portland, OR
    I have several miniature, or micro, creeping/trailing Pleurothallid orchids that I would like to offer up in trade for similar species (or others). Below are photos of what I have (all are taken at the same magnification, with a dime for scale, and so should give a good representation of size relative to each other). I am unsure of the identification of the P. peperomioides as I have yet to flower it, and as I have also seen similar offered as S. microphylla

    Specklinia microphylla


    Phloeophila peperomioides

    Anathallis lewisiae


    I am most interested in finding:

    Specklinia (Pleurothallis) calyptrostele
    Platystele jungermannioides
    Pleurothallis barbulata

    Other similar creeping/trailing species (besides Barbosella spp.)

    Trichosalpinx spp.
    (besides T. chamaelepanthes)

    Pleurothallis dodsonii

    Maybe others? If you have similar species that are slightly different in appearance to what is pictured here, I may also be interested in trading for those.