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Cattleya wallisii

Discussion in 'Orchid Species' started by naoki, Aug 7, 2020.

  1. naoki

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    Fairbanks, Alaska
    I got this plant from AWZ Orchids in May 2016. It was labelled as Cattleya eldorado concolor Punctata, Z1009, 'Bela' x self. It looks like it went back closer to the tipo, but the lip is a somewhat paler, but it isn't quite concolor (lip same color as the petals). In this species, "punctata" refers to the darker pink dot in the tip of the lip, which can be seen in this plant. I saw a couple photos from the same cross on internet, and there appears to be some variation. It used to make two flowers, but made only one flower this year. It has been wildly growing all over, invading to neighboring pots. I haven't repotted for 4 years, so it was declining a bit. It was growing in an area where I can't easily access and I didn't want to untangle the root mess just to take photos, so I haven't taken photos when it was doing well. But I thought that I should take photos this year and repot it at the same time. The flower was getting pretty old, so the dorsal sepal was starting to wilt.
    P7147039.jpg P7147056.jpg P7147058.jpg
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    and a nice one.