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Cattleya Interglossa

Discussion in 'Orchid Hybrids' started by tenman, Aug 12, 2019.

  1. tenman

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    These bifoliate catt hybrids sometimes don't have what I'd consider the best flowers, and those flowers often aren't terribly large, but the plants can be. So why do I, and so many others, grow them? What they DO have, when bloomed well, is PRESENCE. The overall effect can be stunning, as in this Cattleya Interglossa, a cross of C.intermedia and C.amethystoglossa. An old time grower once told me they used to refer to these as 'cabbage, due to the large 'heads' of 3" flowers this type gets, in this case about 9" across. The heavenly sweet soap fragrance fills the area and it is a show-stopper with these bunches of flowers held high. Plant w/o inflorescence is 22" tall, the infl. adds another 9" or so. Side, top, and full plant pics.

    interglossaspray0819.jpg interglossaabove0819.jpg interglossaplant0819.jpg
  2. judypots

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    Just magnificent! Thanks for sharing.