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California storms

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Dale, Dec 20, 2010.

  1. Karen

    Karen Species nut

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    Southern California
    All is fine here. 3 inches on one day.
    Just got 1/2 inch in 5 minutes.
    Hardest rain I have ever seen.
    Mom's at the north end of Laguna.
    Laguna's at the end of a long canyon,
    and it usually floods at least once a winter.
    I'm worried about friends in the foothills, where the station fire burned.
  2. deweychop

    deweychop Almost house broken

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    Naples FL
    I saw some pics from all the rain Cali is getting. YIKES!!! Pacific Coast Highway going through Laguna Beach looks like a dirt road. Well, it kinda is now. Be safe left coast!!
  3. Brant

    Brant dazed

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    Near the border
    chopped liver here.. blink .. spent that week dodging boulders up and down the Mtn to work, some were Cooper mini sized. 9.5" of rain at home 14" up where i work.
    CalTrans actually did a good job keeping the roads cleared of all the mud and rocks.

    Laguna floods all the time ...

    have had no www at work for a month now and not sure when
  4. LynneTyson

    LynneTyson New Member

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    It's gonna drop down to 44 degrees tonight,,,,burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  5. Aceetobe

    Aceetobe Member

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    San Diego
    2010 was the worst weather year for me since I started growing orchids in San Diego. Cold summer which caused leads to stall, then a bunch of warm days at the end of October to fool everything into growing, followed by bitter cold. I had to snap all those new growths that started coming out in October just so they wouldn't rot.

    Also, after the last storm, I'm vowing to have everything outside hanging, or chained down. I had a bunch of compots that were bungee'd to a bench, but the wind more or less just blew all my seedlings out of their pot. They were well rooted too, and topped with small pebbles. I've been using river stones as ballast at the bottom of my clay pots instead of styrofoam or charcoal, and I had a 8" clay pot loaded with stones blow over.