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Bulbophyllum Wilmar Galaxy Star x mandibulare

Discussion in 'Orchid Hybrids' started by Pawpaw, Feb 26, 2021.

  1. Pawpaw

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    Ingham, North Queensland, Australia
    A cross I did two or three years ago only got 7 plants from it.
    This the first and only one to flower so far, I am pretty happy with it, a fairly large flower. 51FA582C-C9A9-4709-BFFC-A7F707FB74AA.jpeg 2B999853-87EC-42FF-9B63-A1FE7CC9F267.jpeg 19200212-9157-4C13-857A-E98381F11A3D.jpeg 16AFB394-F700-45CB-8F25-6A4C06C59CC3.jpeg